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We are motivated to identify if and when a pregnancy may occur, as suggested by reliable planetary cycles.

The astrology patterns present in a mother's chart for the nine-month period of her pregnancy are both fascinating and complex.

However intriguing it might be to identify the planetary indicators that could suggest pregnancy, I think it's essential that we approach this subject with both wisdom and caution.

As astrologers, we bear a responsibility to be careful with our words and to be respectful of the possibility that, when certain thoughts are planted in a person's mind, they can manifest.

But this just isn't how astrology works — at least, not in modern times when we have more free will, more choice in this regard.Breakthroughs follow when Venus meets liberating Uranus on the 3rd.Their contact explosively, dramatically ends whatever may remain from her recent retrograde and blasts us further along radical, personal trajectories. The atmosphere, conversation, alliances, agendas, and tactics are all in for fluctuations (to put it charitably) that could spin a person’s head around.And the skies give you the roots to keep your heart and desires firmly planted.

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