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Hip Hollywoood caught up with Kim’s 23-year-old son Quincy (whom Diddy also adopted when he was a child) on the “Empire” premiere red carpet and put him on the spot. Drake revealed all--kinda--about the celeb chicks he's been rumored to have had some type of relationship with.Here is a Brief History of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's relationship.When it comes to Diddy and Cassie Ventura nothing is ever set in stone.Poet and author Cassie Pruyn is writing a new history of this beloved waterway, due out from The History Press in 2017.Benjamin Morris sits down with Pruyn to learn more.Helping people fall in love is just part of a day’s work for Los Angeles-based couple Peter Scalettar, 34, and Cassie Lambert, 33, both producers for the reality TV franchises “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” But while they steer contestants toward finding “the one” for a living, they never expected their jobs would lead them to a happy ending of their own.

While we did go on a couple of dates, our relationship mostly progressed during work hours.

The strip club/any club anthem seemed to be getting the raunchy treatment via IG pics Rihanna and her bestie Melissa posted a while back from the set.

But the director, Vince Haycock, apparently isn't having it.

Rumors of a rekindled relationship on the horizon for Bad Boy bossman Diddy and the mother of 4 of his 6 children Kim Porter have been circulating pretty heavily over the past month and now it looks like there may be some truth to the rumors.

Speculation kicked into overdrive during the holidays after photos surfaced of Mr. Porter looking rather cozy during family yacht vacation with Diddy’s girlfriend Cassie no where in sight. Do you see Diddy and Kim giving it another shot anytime soon?

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