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Is the Amiga still holding it's own against the other 16-hit home computers and consoles?

Investigating the machines available today we take a closer look inside the A500 Plus and examine in detail what makes it special Also in this special feature, we look at the sort ol hardware and software that can be rounded up to make your Amiga into a PC-beater at a fraction of the price The future is wide open and it starts here in another CU special report. As the European Championships draw ever closer, computer Football games are becoming big business once more. Enqvirt, - Tel 0*58 - 410510 Order line I omwerpkone) 0858 410888 Bocit woes - P O Box 500, Leicester, LC99 OAA. SS i Kow Nel CLASH- • 071-9726700 « p Iimp it- «n lift •( 0* ittft-lw*: can I rarcn J* nan I ora r gr- ingn let m ran COMPETITION COVERDISKS Our coverdisks have always been lamed for their up-to-the- minute demos and variety of utilities and accessories, but this month we've got to admit that we've excelled ourselves.

Most of these races take place in remote locations.

Maybe you’ve tackled a marathon and even mustered the grit to try a military-style obstacle course race.

As we investigate the possibilities we also investigate what is available now to those willing to pay for it - can we create tomorrow's machine today? • Dazzling 3D isometric world ¦ click from one camera angle to the next. Available on: C64 & Amstrod cassette & disc, Spectrum cassette, Atari ST and Amiga C 1990, 1991 SEGA™. 7 NEWS 18 COVERDISKS 45 SCREEN SCENE 72 SUBS AD 90 VFM 95 HELPUNE 97 PTW 138 DEMOS 147 PD UTILITIES 165 NEXT MONTH 176 BACKCHAT 182 Q&A 187 DOCTORIN' THE DISK 188 PROGRAMMING 191 DTP 194 COMMS ABC • 0251 Mr-ok mi 31 THE ULTIMATE AMIGA...

Is the Amiga still holding it's own against the other 16-hit home computers and consoles? G-LOC™ At the controls of an experimental super Klane you plunge eadfirst into the unknown fighting territory. Indiana Jones™ and the Fate of Atlantis Action Game Nazi Germany has rediscovered the Lost Kingdom of Atlantis, and with it the formula to produce the ultimate bomb. In a montti when Commodore launch another machine In Ihe growing Amiga range, this lime a low-end A500 Plus, speculation grows over what the next bold step into the unknown will he.

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