Radcalendar selected date not updating

This code works as expected with the built in WPF datepicker.

Hi Telerik, I have a Rad Date Picker and its Selected Date value is binding with Begin Date property.

What I want to do is to update other Rad Date Picker when this Rad Date Picker's value gets changed.

I'm trying to change Rad Calendar month title on Rad Scheduler Navigation Navigate Backwards/Navigate Forwards click.. Hello yesaya handoyo, As I understand you want to synchronize Rad Calendar and Rad Scheduler Navigator.

UPDATE / Solution: I was able to make it work like that: private int row Counter = 0; private int row Header Cnt = 0; private Date Time _start Date; private Date Time _end Date; private Date Time _cal Start Date; private Date Time _cal End Date; protected void rad Calendar_Day Render(object sender, Telerik. To my knowledge you can not remove them, only hide them or display them but not allow them to be clicked.

You have to use some trickery though, as the functionality, as far as I can tell, is not built into the calendar to only display the dates as you have asked for.

You need to use the Add() method in order to add dates.

We will consider adding an Items Source property that can be used with MVVM pattern.

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