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But the black seed treatment had impressive and near-immediate results.“The patient was commenced on Nigella sativa concoction 10 mls twice daily for 6 months.. Tasty and attractive for farmers markets as well as the home garden. Delicious when eaten young while the skin is tender and the seeds are small. Light green fruits grow long, curving to a bell at one end. That is why we created the Six Sisters’ Menu Plan Membership!

All of our recipes are family-friendly and we have been developing these recipes for the last 5 years!Sadly, however, the decline and ultimate death of the patient is rarely if ever attributed to the treatment (and its many iatrogenic effects) but rather to the "disease" itself – a well-known problem in our failed 'war against cancer' where the victim (patient) and the 'the cancer' gets blamed for the incessant failure and even disease-promoting properties of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.This is all the more reason why the possibility that an ancient healing food like black seed -- which the research shows is generally safe, affordable and accessible -- can cure HIV is so exciting.Fruits are dark green, turning black green as fruit matures. Fruits remain tender even at 18 in.; best picked at 12 in. Golden-yellow, plump, Patty-Pan fruits on space-saving bush plants. Plants are semi-spineless, semi-upright, with an open growth habit. Heavily ribbed fruits are striped with alternating light and dark green shades. Prolific and hardy, the plants bear continuously over a long season.

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