Spring cleaning for your dating life

Maybe you’ve never tried dating apps, or maybe you’ve relied on them too much.

Maybe it’s time you ask that special someone out, or stop stringing along the person that doesn’t interest you. You don’t need to keep being friends with people forever.

Unfortunately, other online daters might be doing the same thing to you.

By changing your photos out for new ones (upload some new photos, don’t just rotate them) and choosing a new head shot to display in search results, you’ve increased the odds of catching someone’s attention who didn’t notice you before.

In addition to cleaning out your closet, why not do a little bit of spring cleaning in your relationships, too?! We all have that one friend who we find completely draining.

Reflect on any major issues that have been swept under the rug during the winter, and decide whether these are deal-breakers, or issues that you can resolve with some honest communication. In the same way, our relationships can get bogged down or cluttered when we don’t directly communicate.

This is the time to make assertive, honest communication a top priority!

Examine the relationships that matter and ask yourself if there is anything important that you have been withholding.

As Mother Earth moves into this period of renewal and rebirth, now is an excellent time to clear the air, and to say what needs to be said. Just like messy clothes from the closet can spill out and trash the rest of your room, so too can relationships wreak havoc on your life when you don’t have healthy boundaries.

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