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Couple into this the demands of normal life, and it is easy to conclude that time is the major bottleneck to your blogging success. We probably look like we’re moving like turtles comparatively.As you read bits of Sheila’s story, I’m sure you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I say that this article could have been penned by anyone with a shred of common sense and that it completely devolves into a piece of patronising shit sandwich as it progresses.

I’m not sure why, but I can generally produce a blog post pretty quickly. On the flip side, you’ve got people who just get things done all day. ” Only to find out moments later the mysterious girlfriend is his sister.Sheila keeps initiating contact with Todd by sending sexy photos to get his attention, but then their texting convos run dry pretty quickly.I know, I know I should be writing more about The Tao of Badass or Return of Kings, but I saw this article a few weeks back and tucked it aside for when I finally had a chance to write another Bad Romance Advice, Good Times post.Before You Hit Send: The Cold, Hard Truth About Sending Nude Pics was just too stupid to pass up.

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