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He was not a willing participant, but a victim."After hearing from both sides, Goodman told judge Young and the court that she was truly sorry for her actions."I know sorry is just a word, but I really am," the sobbing Goodman said.Liguori, told judge Young that "there is goodness in this woman" and that she recognized what she did was wrong and has been humbled by the experience."I just know she is truly, truly hurt to the core by how much she hurt so many people," he said."Everyone is trying to move forward and by admitting her guilt, we can do so."Deputy Attorney General Denise Weeks-Tappan saw things a little differently, saying Goodman knew what she was doing when she met the boy in the early morning hours of March 15 and that she was only thinking of herself."This mom, who he trusted, instructed him on what to do," Weeks-Tappan said. He's hurt, embarrassed and it is affecting his schooling. Room lo miru ela ante ala chestanu mi istam anta kani naku dabbulu matram pakkaga pay cheyyali. and if you are willing to expand/explore your limits!

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