Updating php on windows

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Even worse, the firmware update for Vertex 4 is a destructive flash and I'm understanding that means it erases everything. Does the USB/CD method work for OCZ firmware update if I choose them as bootdrives?

Also, as I said I'm building a new computer, and if the USB/CD method indeed does work, can I stick it in the my newly built computer before installing anything(including OS) and be able to run the firmware update toolbox?

Or can I connect the SSD to my laptop using some kind of cable, update the firmware there, and stick it in my computer and then proceed to install my freash Windows? I read some people recommending mirroring the OS onto another HDD but that seems to be the most complicated way to do this AND it requires a separate software. Sorry if I'm not being clear, I'm almost completely clueless when it comes to SSD.

Hopefully ye experts will be able to understand my gibberish lol.

Microsoft has even led me astray by suggesting updates that wouldn’t work with my machine.

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