Wallpaper not updating in domain

If you have broken or missing Chinese features, I recommend this MSPY 2010 update to repair an otherwise healthy system.

For example, Pinyin ruby characters missing from MS Word's Phonetic Guide.

Install this system Language Packs to avoid replacing MSPY 2010 with older IME files.

Here I'm referring to language packs for the overall Windows system, not an Office language pack. Many thanks to Sulien Miller for being the first to test this on a 64-bit system for us.

I am trying to provision a few special case laptops. That's fine but when I try to create it I prompted that my guest password does not meet the complexity requirements.

I tried editing the local security policy to change the complexity but this is greyed out. The order for policy application is effectively: Your best bet is to make a computer group and use that group to either exclude your custom computers from the password complexity policy or assemble a new policy that'll override these defaults, filtered to only apply to this group. :) If you are using a centralized management product like Puppet or Chef they'll keep pushing out their policies and revert changes made by the local root account, just like group policy.

A free download from Microsoft offers an upgrade to the latest Chinese Pinyin input methods, and may repair broken Chinese features for you too.

Microsoft has once again released a free update to their Pinyin IME!

Yes, I know I can chose a longer password but that is not the point. But as Linux root I can always tell Puppet to GTFO if I need ;).To add to hkkhkhhk's comment: If you are a local admin and you do not like to be trumped by the domain admin you have the power to leave the domain.However, you do not have the power to override the rules of the domain set forth by the group policy.In some very small environments (home networks for example), you might have a router handeling all of the DHCP roles, but as the organization grows, you want to be able to manage devices and their IP addresses.A very popular reason to use DHCP reservations is for devices such as printers.

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