Who is lucas neff dating

Neff was born and raised in the Andersonville area of Chicago, Illinois. Young Magnet High School in 2004 and with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2008.His mother, Meade Palidofsky, is the founder of Storycatchers Theatre and his father, Alan, is a lawyer and novelist. He started acting when he was mistakenly assigned to the performing arts department at UIC.

I think Dominic Cooper is a very good Jesse Custer; that Ruth Negga is a brilliantly progressive Tulip, and Joseph Gilgun is the perfect Cassidy.

First of all, let’s get this out of the way: The pilot episode of Preacher was fantastic.

It was an orgy of violence, jokes, dusky Texas skylines and old-timey religion.

It's one of those surreal, I'm-in-Hollywood moments."Neff experienced another I'm-in-Hollywood moment while filming scenes with her: Their characters make out in the back seat of Jimmy's van. As the show begins its third season, Neff has parlayed the experience into various opportunities, including co-creating an improv show at i O West in L. and landing his first starring film role in "Friend Zone," which he will shoot this fall on weekends and during time off from "Raising Hope."When we talked, Neff was taking full advantage of his week-and-a-half off from work after completing seven weeks of filming; he had just returned from New Mexico to help register voters and was on his way to a Habitat For Humanity build-a-thon.

He's busy, but Neff is happy about that."I'm a guy who likes to work," she said.

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