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are all The older guy may be boring but at least he knows more than Netflix and chill.

He may be cheap but at least he has something to show for it like the fact he owns a business and/or a house.

He’ll regularly be plagued with self-doubt about his creative abilities...

..it will become your job to ensure he doesn't throw in the towel on the whole music thing by assuring him of his immense talent.

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CINCINNATI—Stunning observers with the reckless and arrogant overextension of their modest business, local restaurant Angelo’s Pizzeria was making a foolhardy attempt at a second location, sources reported Monday.In that moment, I’m sure I looked like the heart eyes emoji as I thought, I’m at the age now where I have a more options when it comes to age and dating.On top of that, I’ve always been mature for my age so talking with an “older” guy is more easy than it is awkward.You'll probably be around the band enough to know backstage life isn’t the R-rated Gucci Mane video clip you first thought, and mostly just a lot of standing around...there will still always be beautiful girls standing around backstage, making you feel insecure.

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